ECO Hotel

What means ECO-Hotel?

The ecological concept, far from be a label or a trend, is a way of life based on the respect to the natural environment.


Translated to a Hotel it means a hard compromise with a sustainable tourism trough the implementation of measures like:

  • Reduce to mínimum the use of chemical products
  • Use of eco paints, certificated with the European Eco Label.
  • Use of filters on taps and baths to reduce the water consumption.
  • WC water tanks with inteligent water consumption sistem.
  • Use of eco air fresheners with natural fragances.
  • Use of 100% recycled paper.
  • Utilization of Biochem cleaning products, certificated with the European Eco Label.
  • Recycled of most of the waste generated by the Hotel.
  • Use of Energy saving light bulbs in all the building.
  • Efficient water boiler and accumulator to reduce the fuel consumption.
  • Solar panels to produce hot water
  • Use of organic products and from local producers for the buffet breakfast.